Talk to Tige


Fear of failing and judgment of others plagued me for a long time. If I’m honest, it still lingers in the back of my head. But, I’m learning to make the fear of “not trying” greater than the fear of failure because it’s more about what I’ve learned rather than what I or others may think was a failure. If you haven’t already, join me in fulfilling the dream that’s inside of you. Let’s start now.


If you need advice or encouragement along the way, would you be interested in a virtual small group session with me to encourage you and give you practical steps on getting started with your vision while also supporting each other? If so, my only request is that, in exchange for my time, you donate to KITS to help us change the narrative for kids in foster care. Let me know if there is any interest.

Please book a 30-minutes appointment with Talk-to-Tige. Let me help you take the first, second, or third step. No more excuses!

– tige charity